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Iron Post Media is a boutique marketing and design service in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. Clients hire us because we have a clear-cut strategy for visual marketing success. We have nearly 20 years of marketing and advertising experience and offer a wide range of print and digital services.

We specialize in brand strategy, creative direction, and conceptual design.

Rob Knapp | Founder & Creative Director

Marketing, digital design, and branding

I began my professional design career in 1999.

Over nearly two decades, I’ve developed a diverse multimedia, interactive, marketing, and advertising background. I have well over 35,000 hours of design and interactive experience under my belt.

As well as building websites, I’ve designed and developed over 80 interactive apps and games.

Apps, games, and website development take longer than you’d think. This is due to extensive R&D and testing time. The time issue lead me to the study of design cycle optimization. Luckily, the same optimization techniques apply to all complex development processes. This includes your website development project.

Rob Knapp
  • VizCom 94%
  • Brand 81%
  • Creative 74%
  • Copy 70%
  • Adverts 62%

Big brand experience

  • Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Phoenix Suns
  • Phoenix Coyotes
  • Fox Cable Group (Fox Sports Arizona)
  • Bally Technologies
  • MTV2 (Crank Yankers)
  • Spike TV (UFC)
  • Lakeshore Records
  • Endemol (Deal Or No Deal)
  • MGM (Stargate SG-1)
  • Paramount Pictures (Grease)
  • King Features (Betty Boop)
  • Hasbro (The Game Of Life)
  • Gannett (The Arizona Republic)
  • RE/MAX

By the numbers

  • Creative professional since 1999
  • Nearly two decades of experience
  • Freelancing since 2002
  • 35,000 professional design hours
  • Copywriting and design for thousands of advertisements
  • Over 750 projects for small business clients
  • 125+ interactive projects (apps, games, and websites)

What’s your “Why?”

Why I specialize in branding, marketing, and design for smaller businesses:


Small businesses (especially professional service providers) are more compelling and charming than corporate clients. I prefer to work with interesting, energized people who are passionate about their special contributions.

Small businesses have natural character. Corporate brands try to formulate, dream up, and concoct what small businesses already have. Why fake it when you can work with the genuine article?


Small businesses tend to be quirkier. There’s a certain weirdness that makes them recognizable as “not corporate.” They’re not homogenized or sanded down. Small business brands have rough, interesting edges that make them special and memorable. It’s this unique personality that makes the work more attractive and rewarding.


Small business owners empower me to enhance their brands. They do this in ways that aren’t possible for corporate accounts. I’m just more valuable to smaller clients.

And in my opinion, helping small business owners is a worthy pursuit. Helping corporations get just a little better? No thanks. I’d rather multiply the online success of ethical small businesses.

Brand messaging

Almost every small business needs help with brand messaging. They just don’t know it yet. Brand messaging is the difference maker. It’s that one special thing that separates successful campaigns from wasted marketing exercises. Helping small businesses with messaging is the most valuable skill I bring to the table. Copywriting = power.

Process expertise and philosophy

First things first: Most of our projects are redesigns which call for a different process than creating a new website. Optimization requires a balanced approach to solving your website’s business problems. And it’s not complicated: Goals, Actions, and Feedback. Rinse and repeat.

The advantages of optimization

I specialize in process-driven design. I love to make things better. The advantage? I focus on improvement—getting better at it all the time. There’s nothing like getting better at getting better 😉


I don’t assume that everything about your website or brand needs to change. In fact, I like to preserve as much as possible. I’m resourceful.

Speed is the obvious benefit of this approach. Why spend time recreating content that already works? As everybody knows, saving time is saving money.

Second, I produce measurable results every time. The longer you work with me, the better your web presence and brand become. As I accept more clients, I gain more and more knowledge. Learning new tricks improves the potency of your website and future marketing campaigns.


The key to ongoing success is in the iterations. The pizza wheel graphic isn’t just a pretty picture. It’s a kaizen model. The vast majority of designers and developers overlook the gold slices. But that’s where you get smarter and amplify your margin.

Iron Post Media process

The Ultimate Strategy

Stand out from the crowd and grow your business with a laser-focused marketing strategy. In about 10 minutes, you’ll gain a greater understanding of exactly how to sharpen your strategy.